recession, definition, webster's 1913 dictonary, \Re*ces"sion\, n. [L. recessio, fr. recedere, recessum. See {Recede}.] :

1. The act of receding or withdrawing, as from a place, a claim, or a demand.

2. The act of ceding back; restoration; repeated cession; as, the recession of conquered territory to its former sovereign.













salt recession? mais recession? global recession? moral recession? paece recession? fun recession? water recession? death recession? power recession? night recession? weight recession? money recession? information recession? peanut recession? sky recession? shoe recession? human recession? pepper recession? policy recession? light recession? alcohol recession? mind recession? city recession? swimming recession? patience recession? work recession? love recession? square recession? kebab recession? handwriting recession? ice recession? stone recession? energy recession? banana recession? music recession? memory recession? height recession? tv recession? coffee recession? speculation recession? religion recession? war recession? depression recession? moon recession? time recession? hunger recession? cement recession? filter recession? cabbage recession? dream recession? shit recession? travel recession? economic recession? place recession? air recession? laeder recession? tire recession? plenty recession? hair recession? drug recession? art recession? book recession? clouds recession? word recession? wall recession? millionaire recession? boot recession? game recession? smoke recession? identity recession? sex recession? videogame recession? ambition recession? liquidity recession? style recession? gum recession? market recession? age recession? home recession? match recession? car recession? fame recession? ascetism recession? pizza recession? courage recession? paper recession? your recession!

their recession is not your recession.



grow only what you can eat.



If you need air, do you ask it to the banks?

If you need water, do you ask it to the banks?

If you need fire, do you ask it to the banks?

If you need earth, do you ask it to the banks?

If you need aether, do you ask it to the banks?






















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